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Biogas Solution

>> Fibrous substrate to biogas

>> Problems with fibrous substrate

>> Our solution——SAHP

Semi-aerobic hydrolysis process

Before CSTR, a set of hydrolysis system is set, in which a semi-aerobic atmosphere is created. Thus the anaerobic and aerobic bacteria could work together to decompose the lingo-cellulose structure, and produce a lot of substances like soluble sugar and acetic acid, etc. In this way a more efficient biogas plant can be achieved with lower investment for fibrous substrates.

What our Semi-aerobic hydrolysis can do?

  • Lower operation cost with no chemical agent required
  • Hydrolysis process can be completed in 1-2 days, hydrolysed material completes the biogas conversion within 25 days in digester
  • Save investment by less volume requirement for digester
  • Easily pumped and less floating layer, lower mixing power consumption
  • Pure dry straw possible to be substrate, deeply utilize gas yield potential
  • Higher CH4 concentration is obtained, as some CO2 has been released from hydrolysis

(Data and photo courtesy of Beijing YHR)