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Biogas Technologies

Completely Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR)

CSTR is the stirring digester to mix and digest organic substances with high solid content at high efficiency.  According to its stirring system, it can increase opportunity to completely mix organic substances with microorganism. In addition, it can break floating scum layer, reduce sediments, and dilute effect of toxicity substances inside digester.

CSTR: Bolted Tank Tank Construction Technique Bolted Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tank

  • Durable glass coating provides tank lifetime:
  • No recoating/ minimal maintenance
  • High performance, hard wearing & abrasion resistant
  • UV Stable long term coating.
  • Easier and faster installation.
  • 100% inspection & QC of costing quality from factory (Holiday Test, Etc.).
  • Zero leak after completion of installation, commissioning and Hydro test.

CSTR: Landia GasMix Pump GasMix Pump GasMix is used to completely circulate substrates inside reactor to reach highest gas production less sludge sedimentation and no scum accumulation.

Typical GasMix Installation


The blowers ensure that the membrane remains fully inflated under all conditions of biogas production and consumption.

Modified Covered Lagoon (MCL)

MCL technology is developed from conventional anaerobic lagoon that can overcome problems of sludge sediment at lagoon problem. The process starts by entering wastewater from the bottom level of MCL to mix with microorganism (anaerobic sludge). The substrates inside digester will be automatically circulated through networks of solenoid actuator valves and piping, and sediment sludge will be collected at the end of the lagoon.

Covered Membrane HDPE Sheet

Two Stages Reactor

Two Stages Reactor for Biogas Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

Two Stages Reactor is the most flexible and efficient combined biogas technologies, which we have proposed to use both CSTR and MCL, as the 1st stage and 2nd stage digester respectively. The advantages of this design are its higher digestion efficiency & better gas production, better treated wastewater qualities and more operational flexibility of biogas storage and utilization.