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Biogas System for Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and Decanter Cake

Main advantages of our CSTR technology 2-stages digestion technologies (CSTR+MCL)

Our CSTR Technologies

  • CSTR is designed for fast installation and use small foot print area.
  • Easy of sludge discharge and low risk of sludge sediment at the tank bottom.
  • By combining with Modified Covered Lagoon (MCL), total COD removal of our 2-stages digester can achive up to 95%
  • It gives the highest biogas production yield compared with other technologies
  • Safe & reliable process design, through fully automated to control of biogas and power generation plant
  • The tank structure is using Glass-fused-to-steel (GFS) or hybrid Epoxy-GFS bolted tank, which is the top in class of material with an easy & time controlled construction
  • Pump GasMix is used to completely circulate substrates to reach highest gas production. All components for the GasMix digester mixing system is placed outside the digester providing less complexity of services and maintenance. Accessibility for routine maintenance and service will not affect the biogas production unlike with internal mixing system
  • Double membrane Gas storage is used as tank roof and biogas butter storage with the most safety according to European standard.

Double membrane gas storage

CSTR system with Gasmix

Gasmix System